via Redhill tendekia chituwu social worker for any authority that wants to increase the stealing of children, hes the man for the job. His id passport needs checking to make sure its the correct name hes using. Zimbabwe cant find no info of his life there. Chituwu not sure hes spelt that right. Court statements hes ace for false statments. 3 month to get a BA masters degree in Zimbabwe that takes some doing. Darlington Gwatidzo his close mate, another one with uk entre false papers. No university but got a BA masters Degree in zimbabwe. Met police soon found out about his fake papers. Lambeth. Sutton. Left wing harm of people. These two worked for. Along with double name social worker from zimbabwe Dorcas Moyo come Dorcas Londres, how she got away with this fake life shes run in the UK and companies house takes some believing. Kent to Manchester wow!! Immigration adviser and employment agency  her interests nursing, children, social worker the corrupt list is endless. We signing off for another day, exsposing the fakes. Bogus, illegal immigrants that have made UK their money making base.


I know of this sad story she is being kept prisoner a good caring family and home awaits her, but Cygnet needs profits and she is their weekly pay packet.

Psychiatric Abuse UK

8 years trapped in cygnet             Elizabeth has been under two Cygnet Healthcares – one in Cygnet Stevenage and one that is supposed to be the flagship in Beckton.  I have been to their conference at the Royal College of GPs and I went with someone I know who has a brother in this expensive private hospital who wishes to be transferred elsewhere.   I was extremely interested in the conference which was very well organised and took part in a workshop called “least restrictive care” –  well I had to say what I thought –  Elizabeth thought it was like prison and I could not disagree with this description.

Most disturbingly, drugs are given at enormous levels to some patients. I list below the drugs given to the young person photographed above who has given her permission for her case to be made public as she would like to…

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Section 20 how many parents have been mislead by councils social services.

I have read posts on searching reform this morning 28th June 2018 and I am shocked how social services users have been mislead for many years. Peoples rights to their children have it seems been conveniently held from them. Section 20 my understanding is people have a right to take thier children back. 16 plus can do it themselves and go home as they chose, social services cannot hold them against thier will. Brunwinbooks info thankyou