fraud and corruption in cafcass childrens services

Childrens services stealing of children by local authority councils streaching all over the uk organized before cases even get to court. Cafcass and some of its workforce that link with local authority social workers that collude together to make false statements with the sole aim of taking a baby or children into thier care system putting them up for addoption or longterm forster care. From fife in scotland to south london many in the legal system are part of this criminal act. A barrister for local authorities that ducks and dives in different companies. A justice of the peace he claims to be that that works for childrens services. London borough of sutton partners with many nearby local councils , its all well organized. ? Many social workers manager and directors give the game away who they really are on different web_ sites which is food for my investigating fraud of stealing children into the mass market of addoption and fostering children that have been taken from good parents good homes. Family court judge i found was having private meetings with the head of childrens services , that director was forced out of his job when the press printed about his aim of trafficting children into his local authority care system. Fact! A service manager for cafcass that was also running his own fostering agency in southern England. Named,  Evelyn fostering agency Ltd in companies house , this company director is also  linked to Childrens homes in lambeth, the  company named in companies house is Ebonycare Ltd,  director Ms or Mrs Kirsty Hudson who links with cafcass employee  family court adviser to the judge a certain Mr Khalil Campbell . Then onto a different case of children being taken by this company, Banya adoption fostering company owner NYASHA Gwatidzo  now a big  multi millionair , money made out of children taken into the care councils care so called safeguarding system,  shes now moved to Jersey, her background not Essex for a change but Zimbabwe village somewhere. Child abuse even rape  in childrens homes run by a labour council south london evidence comes to light of abuse and rape of children, that guilty labour council pays all the victims off,  thats so wrong Police should have made it a criminal investigation of many council workers who  were involved. London borough of sutton socail workers and department managers that i believe there is evidence to prove that they might have been colluding on social media with Cafcass family court workers Croydon. On a current ongoing croydon family court case, which in law is contempt of court. Emily Michell court guardion. Khalil Campbell service manager cafcass. Sutton social workers and team managers are, Richard Sammut social worker. Averil Kathan head of service. Michele Chapman social worker. Sulaiman Mahdi social worker. Suzy Mullally social worker. Micheal Taylor head of corporate service. There is more persons involved but i gather you will all understand whats going on, i could direct you to the words child traficiting but make your own minds up, One major point in this investigation. While working for cafcass Khalil Campbell servise manager for cafcass was also running his own fostering agency, named Evelyn fostering agency ltd that had direct  connections with Ebonycare childrens homes. 

Unlawfull behaviour of UK family court hearings.

When then accused parent or parents appear at these closed doors of family court hearings many are denied legal support for their case. Sadly many parents lose their much loved children to the local council authorities, who I might add have an army of legal reprentation inside the family Courts. Unfair and so wrong, it points directly to being one sided family court hearing in favour of the local authority right from the outset. Some of the statments made are false by local authorities, but the accused parents have no say on this, its regarded in court a social workers word is gospel and as many parents who have fallen victim to a collution of false statements against them would know that. There is no Police officer allowed inside the family courts to see fair justice is carried out, in the name of equal justice there seems to be none. Cafcass I gather going on the outpouring of so many complaints against this vast family court institution controller who I might add they are in partnership with a company called Coram, a very large child adoption company. Its also found solicitors acting for the local authorities also work or have worked for Cafcass. It leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth to whats going on in the legal field. An artical on the London borough of Sutton from the National paper the Sunday Exspress , ” Sexing up the Documents” illegal acts by the london borough of Sutton, intentions were children to be illegally taken into thier own care system on agreed false evidence they were to make by a stroke of goodwill RSO officer John Faye went to Parliment to exspose what the london borough of Sutton were upto. At the time Steven Richards childrens chief excutive was put on garden leave by the council only to leave his job soon after this news broke. I have found many local authuority run places were child abuse or sex abuse of children even the traficiting of children that have come to the publics attention, these buildings where criminal acts by local authority employees have been carried buildings are or have been pulled down and evidence destroyed. NHS does not escape with a clean background in this either, expecially Mental Health organizations and claimed nurses. That is another issue that I will publish later in time. Its known when a social workers and there are many of them , as an excaple the likes of Darlington Gwatidzo ( child traficiting) Millicent Obrou ( child abuse) does wrong they are not reported to either HCPC and now to the new body named, Social work England. I have uncovered many from Zimbabwe and Nigeria use different names in childrens services and nurses in the NHS plus many set up ltd compaines altering dates of birth etc even creating a person that dont excist, social worker Dorcas Moyo seems to know much about this. Or is she really social worker DORCAS LONDRES ? FROM KENT. Or has she created two people, her company dDorcas Children Limited its known Directors name Margaret Linda Derara does nor excist. ? Takes years to suss out whats really going on but im really glad to say Ive now found out so much. There is so much to reveal and say from Sutton, to Manchester to luton to Essex to kent even Bedfordshire nearly every town in the uk. The stealing of Children uk unlimited numbers. Tolis , im told a councillor refered to him with as man with a wild dogs heart. Hes at Bedfordshire now, i found him to be an untrustfull person. Bromley Kent how many colluding child stearlers come from there. Many i gather. Essex theres a small part of this county where the nhs corrupters sent uo bussiness. West london seem to focus on mental health companies, thats a big earner mental health agencies. Richard Sammut, seems to engage with so many hospitals mental health, yet he seems to have no training for this??even listed as a social worker, i cant find no reference to him studying for this. Maudsley hospital trust and scope ??? , Croydon family courts, its seems SLLP control the running of the court. Michele Chapman social worker from kent to sutton should she have rejisterd her company at her home address in Bromley, silly woman went against all advice not to do this as a director of MCJC .

The National health Service. The takers.

Social worker and NHS nurses fraud and corruption seems to have began around years 2001 up to 2020 and there seems there is no one to stop it. Fake people with Change of names even dates of birth changed seems an easy thing to do in the UK. False id,  locum social workers locum nurses , even offically rejistired proffeshinalls in the care system. NHS littered with these illegal workers that have been in the system now for many  years. Surname Moyo there are many at it, companies house directorships reveal much of the fraud. I blame some of UK universities for aiding many students into the world of corruption. Salford, Bradford, Manchester, even Kent need to look at who they are being truefull to. Dorcas Moyo to Dorcas Londres to Mr Simayedwa Moyo , Victor Moyo, Ncube, Nana Ama Richardson,  Osie Agyeman ,  Darlington Gwatidzo, Everyone mentioned I have investigated and i accuse them of fraud and corruptiom in the UK , there are too many to mention on this post, but it seems to run into hundreds with criminal activity intent. Mr Tandekia Chituwu got listed as a uk social worker with hcpc that is flawed with fake papers he must have produced. Rejistered  Mental health nurses ?? There 3 with the excact name, Manchester area, Sikhumbuzo Ncube, work that out?. Social worker Amos Moyo one officially listed with socialworkforengland, December 2019 already a company director but there are two different dates of birth. Dorcas Moyo social worker HCPC number SW116183 cant find registration of this person IN socialworkforengland, registrations. Nurses. With both same name both running privated ltd companies, one is miss and one is Mr  i dont know whose who, Machester or Leads based or were, Simayedwa Moyo.  Believed  names attached to Dorcas londres social workers company that Dorcas Moyo set up is Mrs Margaret linda Deara, no trace Dartford kent address given believe to be a fake bogus person and listed Company director , Social worker Dorcas Moyo listed her in this company. Dorcas Children Limited rejistered in kent.  South east london convicted Nurse had false id, Sisasenkois Ncube workerd at St Helier Hospital Sutton. Dont get this next socialworkforengland listing. Cathrine Mandava social worker 130743 place of work Johanannesburg south africa, is the UK taking children out of the country for addoption seeing this social worker is listed out of the uk. That comes to my  mind. Theres issus  around social worker Michele Chapman , Bromley kent and Sutton her ltd company MCJC social care ltd. Paymaster barrons manchester. Is that tax avoidence. Dorcas Moyo  Eton way Dartford kent DA1 5HL or is it Dorcas Londres seeing they have the same id to a tee. There are many more taking out of the NHS  I call  them the takers they dont put into the NHS system they take out of it.  This is no reflection on the brave good nurses, carers, Doctors even cleanes that risk there lives to save others in our hospitals and care homes. EVEN BUS DRIVERS, SUPERMARKET WORKERS , ROAD CLEANERS , unsung  Heros of so many,  SO BRAVE, !  WE  THANK YOU FROM EVERYONE.

Many social services victims have had thier babies and children stolen by the local authority councils. Lies, false statements are produced as evidence in family courts. I victim parent cannot question those colluded lies end of court case children taken by the local authority. Many council authorities use self employed social workers and solicitors etc ie They come under the tital of MASH, an ever growing corrupted evil monster. When i found out the london borough of sutton in 2011 were making false statments to secure children into their care system it was time for me to investigate this authority. My finds should have seem many charged with conflick of interest and child traficiting, but at the moment they go free. 2011 Sunday Exspress, “Sexing up the Documents” you should read, that press artical was about The London Borough of Sutton Childrens director who told people like these to make false statment against parents so they could take thier children into suttons corrupted care system. Social worker Dorcas Moyo was just one of the many offenders along with Millecent Obrou and never  forgetting this shirster social worker from Zimbabwe who also worked at the lodge Carshalton surrey. Darlington Gwatidzo and his colluding mate Tendekia Chituwu Gwatidzo now working at his south london favourite   home town lambeth children services. The lodge Carshalton surrey, no wonder they closed it down. Many secrets lay behind those walls. received_333899317453206


I know of this sad story she is being kept prisoner a good caring family and home awaits her, but Cygnet needs profits and she is their weekly pay packet.

Psychiatric Abuse UK

8 years trapped in cygnet             Elizabeth has been under two Cygnet Healthcares – one in Cygnet Stevenage and one that is supposed to be the flagship in Beckton.  I have been to their conference at the Royal College of GPs and I went with someone I know who has a brother in this expensive private hospital who wishes to be transferred elsewhere.   I was extremely interested in the conference which was very well organised and took part in a workshop called “least restrictive care” –  well I had to say what I thought –  Elizabeth thought it was like prison and I could not disagree with this description.

Most disturbingly, drugs are given at enormous levels to some patients. I list below the drugs given to the young person photographed above who has given her permission for her case to be made public as she would like to…

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Section 20 how many parents have been mislead by councils social services.

I have read posts on searching reform this morning 28th June 2018 and I am shocked how social services users have been mislead for many years. Peoples rights to their children have it seems been conveniently held from them. Section 20 my understanding is people have a right to take thier children back. 16 plus can do it themselves and go home as they chose, social services cannot hold them against thier will. Brunwinbooks info thankyou